May 7, 2024


If you’re like me, you may have done several behavioural assessments throughout your career. Or you’ve done your fair share of quizzes or tests to learn more about yourself. It’s human nature for us to want to learn about ourselves, especially when it comes to figuring out how to leverage our strengths in the workplace. This is why assessments such as Myers-Briggs and StrengthsFinder have become so popular as tools within companies. They provide a powerful way to help employees and leaders tap into their natural talents and abilities.

If you’ve ever taken one of these assessments you know how impactful they can be as you learn how to communicate better, share your ideas and lead within your organization.  Most assessments focus on telling you about yourself from the inside. Are you introverted or extroverted? Executing or influencing?

With this approach you’re learning how you see yourself, but what if there was a way to figure out how others see you? What captivates people or what makes you different?

Meet the Fascination Advantage System.

Introducing the Science of Fascination

The Fascination Advantage System is the first personality test built on branding and it provides unique insight into how you best add value to the world.

Through the science of fascination, you can learn how the world sees you. Learning how we fascinate is unlocking a personality superpower that we can use to be our best in everything we do.

Each of us has a primary advantage which is what makes you most persuasive and captivating. Our secondary advantage is our next best mode of communicating, and it acts together with your primary advantage. These two together are what forms your personality archetype.

What’s Your Archetype?

You’re likely thinking “what’s my archetype?” by now. And the good news is that you can find out in about five minutes with a simple personality assessment. The Fascination Personality Test identifies your advantages and your personality archetype using only 28 questions. (You can click here to take the assessment now.)

Once you’re done the assessment, you’ll have a personalized report that shares your archetype and your advantages. There’s a total of seven different advantages, each one communicates best using a specific superpower.

Now that you know your archetype, here are some specific ways to put the Fascination Advantage into action:

Stand Out by Playing to Your Advantages

When you discover how you’re most likely to fascinate, you can stand out in ways that may have not been possible before. Instead of feeling like you’re a round peg in a square hole, you can fully embrace what you’re absolutely best at, and stay out of those areas where you’re not able to shine.

For example, Passion advantage is the language of relationships. If this is you, you’ll always be most compelling and interesting when you’re connecting and forming relationships.

With primary Passion, you’re going to be able to get people onboard with ideas, collaborate and lead with emotion. Using your Passion superpower you can catalyze people into action, which is why you shouldn’t be hiding out behind the details.

Stay Away From Your Quicksand

The personality assessment not only identifies where you’re at your best, but where you’re least likely to fascinate. This is called your dormant advantage.

Your dormant advantage doesn’t necessarily mean you’re “bad” at this, but more that this type of communication is going to leave you feeling drained.

Let’s say your dormant advantage is Alert. This means that details exhaust you and you really want to focus on the big picture. In this situation, you’re unlikely to wow anyone with amazingly detailed financial reports and it’s going to feel like complete quicksand when you need to do this.

By understanding what your dormant advantage is you’ll know precisely where you’re not at your highest value and find ways to do less of it over time.

Leverage Team Strengths

If you work on a team, getting to know the archetypes of everyone on your team can be a game changer.

With your existing team, the assessment can be a powerful ally to ensuring everyone is operating at their absolute best and identifying untapped opportunities for growth. It can also help provide context as to why people do what they do, or why they avoid certain tasks at all costs.

Once you learn someone else’s advantage a lightbulb will go on. Suddenly, you’ll know why your direct report is so quiet in a meeting while a colleague is an ideas person. (That’s Mystique and Innovation at play.)

Understanding the composition of your team can also help you see where you may be lacking specific advantages. If your team is heavy on Innovation and Passion archetypes, it’s easy to see why deadlines aren’t always met. Or if your team is primarily Alert and Prestige, that may explain why your team meetings are quiet as people are busy listening and why you’ve got a lot of perfectionists in your ranks.

With the insight into your team, you can identify the types of new hires you may need in the future and learn what to look for as you seek to fill specific roles.

These are just a few ways to use the Fascination Advantage as an individual and a team. The possibilities are endless once you unlock the superpowers of your personality.

I would love to help you learn more about the Fascination Advantage. I’m a Certified Fascination Advisor and I’d be happy to help you and your organization use the science of fascination. Please email me at [email protected]  to discuss how we can work together.

Disclosure: As a Certified Fascination Advisor I do receive a commission for any products sold and this post does include affiliate links.


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