Digital Training

Lisa has taken her 25+ years of experience working with retail businesses; with her teaching career, she developed a digital training suite focused on the key areas retailers frequently look for help with. Lisa has curated the training needs into a unique collection of lessons and formatted them into digital training programs that retailers can buy what they need or bundle for a more in-depth learning experience.

Retail Masterclass

Retail Masterclass is a 4-module digital program with the option to include the integration of coaching.

Retail Education Store

On-demand retail education, training, coaching, and mentorship designed for independent retailers who want courses completely focused on the needs of independent retailers today.

Why Enroll in Lisa’s Courses?

Customized for Independent Retailers:

Each course is specifically designed with the independent retailer in mind, addressing the unique challenges and opportunities you face.

Expert-Led Training:

Benefit from Lisa Hutcheson’s extensive experience in retail, small business, and marketing, as she imparts valuable knowledge and actionable advice.

Immediate Application:

The courses are structured to provide not just theoretical knowledge but also practical tools and strategies that can be immediately applied to your business.

Retail Success Toolkit: Your Ultimate Guide to Thriving in Retail and Small Business

Discover the secrets to retail and small business success with our exclusive “Retail Success Toolkit”. This comprehensive guide, curated by retail expert Lisa Hutcheson, is packed with invaluable resources tailored for the modern entrepreneur.

🌟 What's Inside?

Management Mastery: Tools and strategies for efficient business operations.

Website Wonders: Essential resources for building a compelling online presence.

Marketing Magic: Automation tools and apps to skyrocket your brand's reach.

Customer Connection: CRM tools to foster lasting customer relationships.

Growth and Learning: Handpicked readings, courses, and more for continuous development.