With 25+ years of retail expertise, Lisa can help you stand out in the crowded retail market and articulate your unique value proposition by analyzing your retail business and navigating the complex retail landscape to develop a strategy that includes a roadmap you can implement to achieve your goals.


Retail businesses are innovating and adapting to the new retail era. Drawing from rich retail background and expertise in public speaking, Lisa can create content tailored to meet your needs through keynote programs that are highly engaging to help generate new ideas and solutions to your organization’s challenges.


In today’s competitive environment, retailers need to be Remarkable to wow their customers and keep them engaged. Lisa works with her clients to create that Remarkable Retail experience through her unique Remarkable Retail programs for leaders, teams, and associates.


With a retail business and teaching background, Lisa developed training focused on the key areas retailers frequently need help for. Lisa has curated a unique collection of lessons into a digital training program that retailers can buy what they need or bundle for a more in-depth learning experience.

I help my clients look at retail through a modern lens; playing at the intersection of traditional and the new economy