I work with retailers that believe retail is evolving and changing.

Together we are FutureProofing Retail


With 30+ years of experience, Lisa is a retail expert and advisor who offers various services including retail consulting, speaking engagements, and workshops. 

She is a go-to for media commentary and is often engaged to opine and provide expert witness insights and testimony.

Your Trusted Advisor with 30 years of retail experience. 

Retail Masterclass

Retail Masterclass is a 4-module digital program with the option to include the integration of coaching. The 4-modules include:


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Industry Insights

A great source for industry insights thought leadership, inspiration, and ideas to FutureProof your retail business.

Retail Success Toolkit: Your Ultimate Guide to Thriving in Retail and Small Business

Discover the secrets to retail and small business success with our exclusive “Retail Success Toolkit”. This comprehensive guide, curated by retail expert Lisa Hutcheson, is packed with invaluable resources tailored for the modern entrepreneur.

🌟 What's Inside?

Management Mastery: Tools and strategies for efficient business operations.

Website Wonders: Essential resources for building a compelling online presence.

Marketing Magic: Automation tools and apps to skyrocket your brand's reach.

Customer Connection: CRM tools to foster lasting customer relationships.

Growth and Learning: Handpicked readings, courses, and more for continuous development.